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The Power of Decision Making: How Your Choices Shape Your Life

Updated: Mar 17

The choices we make shape our values and beliefs, as well as impact our personality and character.

Ultimately, our ability to reach goals and aspirations is based on decision making. In this post we plan to explore the role of decision making in shaping our identity as well as its relationship with self-esteem. We’ll also be discussing strategies for improving decision making skills and the link between this ability and long-term success.

Decision making is the process of choosing between different options based on their relative pros and cons. It’s a fundamental aspect of personal development - The choices we make shape our values and beliefs, impact our personality and character, and ultimately create our life based on the ability to reach our goals.

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Someone walking downtown under a train // DALL-E

II. The role of decision making in shaping our identity

The ability to make decisions shapes our values and beliefs which eventually shapes our identity. The choices we make reflect on our priorities as well as influence the people we become. For example, if we’re to say that we value education we’ll likely make decisions that support furthering the growth of our knowledge. Similarly, if we said we valued family, we’d likely choose actions that prioritize spending time with the people closest to us.

The way our decisions impact our character and personality is also incredibly significant. Someone's choices shape the way they see themselves and the world around them. For example, if someone were to make a decision to be more assertive it may lead to an increase in self-confidence and the development of a stronger personality.


III. The relationship between decision making and self-esteem

Feeling confident about our decision making is critical to make choices that align with our values and internal beliefs. This confidence creates a safe environment for you to feel comfortable with what you decide to do in the past, present and future. On the contrary, indecision can lead to a lowered state of self-esteem which develops a lack of confidence in your ability to make those same decisions. The secret here is to be who you are, and discontinue doubts in your own capabilities.


IV. The influence of decision making on our goals and aspirations

If you’re hoping to achieve your goals you’d better believe that decision making is going to have a big impact. We’re more likely to reach our aspirations when we make clear and informed decisions. Similarly, making hasty decisions, or not thinking about how our choices will affect our future can very easily make it difficult to accomplish any task we set our minds to.


V. The link between decision making and success

As you can tell by now, good decision making is a key component of achieving success. When someone makes informed and well-thought-out decisions, they increase their chances of reaching their goals and aspirations. Similarly, someone that does not do those things can assume that they’ll run into setback after setback, hindering their ability to do something more with themselves.


VI. Strategies for improving decision making skills

Now that we’ve broken down all of the ways decision making can play into our lives, let’s look into how we can improve it. At all stages of making a choice, it is important to gather information and weigh the pros and cons of a situation. Seeking advice from others can also be of use as it provides a different perspective and can highlight information we may normally overlook. Practicing mindfulness and staying present in the moment is just as important because it helps us make decisions based on the current situation rather than ones based on past experiences or future concerns. There are also decision making tools and techniques such as decision trees or the pros and cons method which can have incredibly beneficial results. These techniques help you organize your thoughts and provide structure to your approach toward making a decision.


In conclusion, decision making is essential and a huge aspect of one's personal development. The choices we make shape our values and beliefs as well as impact our personality and character. Ultimately, our decision making skills affect our ability to reach goals and aspirations, which means if you’d like to get better at meeting those expectations for yourself, working on this skill is invaluable! By understanding the role decision making has on shaping your identity and its relationship to self-esteem and exceeding your own expectations, you can improve your chances of being successful, no matter what your personal definition of that is. Use these strategies, gather information, seek advice, or practice mindfulness. In the end, it is your life to live, we simply want to help in whatever way we can!

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